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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 14, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> it is a town with five stoplights. four stoplights. >> wow, okay, cool. >> sherrod, what is up with you and katie couric and joy behar. >> tomorrow night i will be on current tv and do comics with benefits with joy behar and colin quinn and it is tomorrow at 9:00 on current. next wednesday i will be on the year with katie couric. it is on at 9:30 on abc. we talk about everything that happened in 2012. >> cool. >> i have to work. i have to eat. >> i just want to be on the bus with greg. >> you will be on the bus with me. >> i must waive. tonight. >> the only thing left for barack obama to do is to work on third world dictator and put all these guys in jail. >> bill: harry bell fonty is talking about me your humble correspondent and others secular progressive agenda. continuing the far left on the
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march ♪ you belong with me ♪ you belong with me ♪ girls were undeniable ♪ we got it on top. >> bill: young singers taylor smith and perry. >> define the fiscal cliff for me. >> some imaginary cliff somewhere in my mind that we are all going to jump ooff of. >> bill: jesse watters quizes the folks about the intense budget debate. >> we're going to go off the cliff on january 2nd. >> oh you mean the end of the world type of thing? >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us
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tonight. secular forces on the march, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have been reporting, some committed left wing americans have been emboldened by the re-election of president obama. you are seeing that now in the budget negotiations as the president and his side are not in any compromising mood. i saw it firsthand this week when i was down in washington. there is arrogance and condescension in many left wing precincts despite the fact that u.n. ambassador today susan rice is out of consideration for secretary of state. we will more on that with bob beckel coming up. the more secular progressives understand now is their time in history. the agenda is clear. above all the secular forces want to change the economy. they want the government to run it and provide graddle to grave entitlements for those americans who cannot or will not provide for themselves. the left also wants to control profits in the private sector taking as much money as possible away from the achievers and the corporations.
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again, with the intent to redistrict the cash. so that's agenda number one. number two, is to obliterate some american traditions. gay marriage, not about matrimony anymore. it's about civil rights. and if you oppose gay marriage you are a hater, a rights denier. legalized narcotics, the left sees drug users as victims and believes no one has a right to stand between an american and intoxication much. on that note the "new york times" ran a front page article yesterday lamenting tough mandatory prison sentences for drug dealers. the left believes they are not violent offenders. so if you are selling meth, heroin, cocaine, that's not an act that causes harm or pain to another person, oh, no. are you kidding me? those of you who know firsthand about addiction know how crazy that point of view is. people who sell drugs are the lowest rung. they are committing violence against other human beings. period. "times" article says a half
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million people are in prison for drug offenses in the u.s.a. 10 times the number than in 1980. that sounds bad, doesn't it? what the paper does not, does not tell you is that violent rhyme in -- crime in america has been cut in half since the tough mandatory prison sentences were instituted. the country is much safer because hard core criminals are doing hard time. that's a fact. no one should feel sorry for killers, rapists and drug pushers. now, because i do commentary like this, laying out the progressive agenda, i'm a big threat to them. listen to this incredible sound bite from committed left wing guy harry bell belafonte he says people like me who oppose president obama and liberal agenda on some things should be dealt with. >> what fascinates me is that in the phase of millions of americans expressing their desire the whole political establishment defining its
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game that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to barack obama and i don't know what more they want. the only thing left for barack obama to do is to organize a third world dictator and put all these guys in jail. violating the american desire. >> bill: i guess violating the american desire is a felony now, right, harry? maybe the guy was just kidding. maybe. but, believe me, anyone in this country who challenges the secular progressive agenda is going to get hammered. these people are on a mission. they want a completely different america. a country that embraces social justice, libertine behavior and secular in every way. that brings us to the christmas controversy which is symbolic, symbolic of the entire culture war.
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war on christmas is over and traditional forces have won. the magazine citing retail stores allowing employees to now say merry christmas to the shoppers. a few years ago some corporations were forbidden. they were telling employees they couldn't do that. well war on christmas has largely gone our way. don't think the deal is over. it's not. listen to next change about the christmas holiday on "the today show" earlier this week. >> i focus on, honestly the religion part of it. i really and truly do. so i can't outsource that part of it. can i send you to get my tree but i can't help -- you can't help me. >> i don't like the religion part. i think religion is what mucks the whole thing up. [ laughter ] >> bill: some americans agree with dr. snyderman there that because christmas honors jesus whom some people believe is god, it is mucked up. mucked up so to speak. tv writer frazier moore secular zealot massacre rating as a zealot for the associated
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press turning holiday war zone o'reilly is all for keeping christ in christmas. at the same time he proclaims that everyone, no matter their faith, should call a christmas tree a christmas tree and knock off their whining. no one intelligent person could possibly see a secular possibly see a secular display of interior ministry position of philosophy. never mind that webster's new world college dictionary defines christianity christians collectively the christian religion, unquote. mr. moore is offend od that i want a christmas tree to be called a christmas tree. he sees it as an attack on his value system. moore is one of the legions of media who have formed a secular clown posey. a bunch of people who have no blanking idea what this country was founded on. so i'm going to speak very slowly to you frazier, please take some notes and have that dictionary handy.
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christianity is a religion for those who believe jesus is is god. and for those who join a specific church to celebrate that belief. but christianity is a philosophy to people like thomas jefferson who did not believe that jesus was the deity. and mr. jefferson, as well as many of the founding fathers, incorporated the judeo-christian philosophy into the constitution. that's why the 10 commandments hang in the supreme court building. are you with me so far, frazier? images of the manger scene in the public square simply honor the baby jesus, the human being. the baby is not sitting at the right hand of god. he is laying there flanked by his parents. it's like the martin luther king jr. holiday, frazier. dr. king honored as a man who helped humanity. at christmas, jesus is honored as a man who helped humanity.
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if you want to believe jesus is god, then you can take that further as is your constitutional right. if you don't buy the religious aspect. can you just celebrate the federal holiday that was signed into law president grant, with no provision, frazier, that everyone worship jesus. not part of the deal. are you still with me? or is this too complicated for you? here is the big picture. the secular progressive agenda is opposed by many people of faith. abortion, gay marriage, legalized drugs, all of those things are opposed by many religious americans. that is why some far left folks want to diminish judeo-christian tradition and rename the christmas tree the holiday tree. the less christmas, the better. the secular people are now more powerful than ever. their guy has been rio he elected and opposing forces are scattered. and that is what is going on in america on december 13th,
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2012. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, we have reaction from bob beckel, laura ingraham on the raging culture war in america. later megyn kelly on a u.s. marine incarcerated mexico for absolutely no reason at all. this is outrageous, we're tryingngngng
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story secular frses on the march. here now co-host of the five bob beckel. where am i going wrong. >> tell me to be pithy. >> bill: right. >> everywhere. >> bill: not right on anything even frazier moore a pinhead. >> i don't know who frazier moore was. he just got his butt skinned by you if i were him i probably wouldn't be saying things but. >> bill: he should write what he believes is true but if he doesn't know the difference between christian philosophy and the christian religion and most people don't. not most people but a lot of
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people don't. >> they don't, earth that. the war on christmas. you fought the great battle, you won the battle, let's move on. is there something else you want to talk about. >> bill: i'm not going to move on. it's symbolic of the culture war. >> what culture war. >> bill: you don't believe culture war. you don't believe secular. >> traditional and secular americans? so secular americans are not traditional americans? is that what you are suggesting. >> bill: no they want change. secular progressives want to change the country. >> it's mind boggling to me. >> bill: it's mind boggling. >> yeah your radio commentary for example was beyond belief. gay marriages. do you know that a majority of americans favor gay marriage. >> bill: i don't oppose gay marriage i'm not saying that i'm saying it's a issue defined as civil rights. >> you say a lot of people are against gay marriage. >> not majority. >> half the country. >> people who oppose it are mostly black
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african-americans. >> bill: you are meandering here now. >> i'm not me an gear dering anyway. >> my thesis there is a raging culture war and your side secular progressives have been emboldened by the re-election of president obama. we heard from harry belafonte calling for incarceration. >> i will tell you one thing that would be a start. >> you would love that? you would run wild with that. >> harry belafonte was joking. >> bill: how do you know that? i didn't see him smiling, did you? >> if you took that seriously. >> bill: how do you know that he was joking? how? >> he laughed. >> bill: he didn't laugh. >> the other guy interviewed him laugh. >> bill: the other guy laughed because it was so insane. >> you think harry belafonte wants to lock you up? >> i don't know. i think it's a worthwhile exercise. >> bill: i think harry belafonte would probably embrace anything that would give him what he wants politically. >> can we go back to what people want politically? you keep saying the secular left as if the secular left
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represents maybe 2 o% of the demographics of this country. virtually things you have come up here, for example, tax increases for the wealthy people that's across the board. republicans want it, too. a the love republicans. independents by big numbers. democrats by big numbers. >> bill: it's not about a little tax hike. it's about the government taking over the economy. that's what secular progressives want. they want to doll out social justice you know that. >> i don't know that. >> bill: you don't know that do you jet off to albania? >> you are the one who jets off. jo jet off. i don't have a jet to jet off. >> bill: don't even acknowledge there is a culture war in the country. >> pat buchanan had the culture war that was 20 years ago. >> bill: i'm not going to get through. let's go to susan rice. were you surprised that u.n. ambassador is now not going to be in contention for secretary of state? >> no. >> bill: why weren't you surprised? big patel in the senate when they have a lot of other things going up up there.
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john kerry is a good fall back and that's where they are going to go. >> president obama is mad. he would have liked to have had susan rice. >> i think he would have. >> he was ashamed that she was unfairly treated. do you believe she was unfairly treated. >> sure. >> bill: she was. >> how was she unfairly treated? >> people made acquisitions about what she said in those talk shows and speaking directly off the intelligence report she was given. >> bill: why didn't she correct the record like maybe a week later then. >> she did correct the record. >> bill: when? >> within 8 days afterwards. >> bill: where? >> first of all i think it was in the u.n. >> you think? >> she didn't make a u.n. statement. >> i said she was in new york when she made the statement. you want to fight this benghazi thing all over again? >> bill: i don't want to do anything. i want to know where she corrected the record. >> i think it was in new york. >> bill: in new york. it was at a club disco. >> i don't care. >> bill: you don't care. >> i could care less. this is one of your typical let's trap this guy in this comment. i'm not going to get trapped by you. >> bill: corrected the record i asked you where and you said
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you don't know. >> she asked if she was unfairly treated. >> bill: she didn't correct the record. >> do you think today she would say what she said was accurate. >> bill: she didn't correct it then. she knew it was wrong. >> do you think she would say that? >> bill: i don't know what she would say. i hope she comes on here. recap. no culture war in your opinion. >> none. >> bill: all right. dr. rice did correct the record but you don't know exactly where new york city, could have been the bronx, maybe staten island? >> it could have been in brooklyn somewhere where you eat. i don't know where it was. >> bill: you are right, beckel. bob beckel, everybody, watch him on the five. directly ahead laura ingraham will weigh in on the seq. -- secular progressive agenda. watters world addressing the folks on the budget debate
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>> impact segment tonight by almost every measure traditional forces in america are under siege just by what bob beckel says. how should individual americans react to that on both sides? joining us now from washington laura ingraham. all right, you heard my talking points and you heard bob beckel and the discussion go. >> first of all did purr reno perino and gutfeld put beckel's head in a device and squeeze it? what's going on. no problems on christmas. no attacks on religion in the public square. susan rice was treated unfairly. living in a parallel universe here. look, i think most people realize that after the election as often happens in politics the side that wins, democrats feel very heady, very cocky. feel like the country has shifted so much both politically and culturally that they can push their issues. >> and they are.
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>> laura: push more benefits for illegal immigrants. take the fight against religion and christmas. and they can do a variety of things. the problem with that in the end, bill, is that it's almost always overreaching on the part of the cocky party, the concreted party. in this case of course it's the democrats and more liberal democrats. they overreach. america kind of bristles and the people invariably will say woe woe woe woe woe, maybe we didn't like romney so much. maybe we weren't that excited about him but we tharnt either. take it slow. let us live our lives and don't try to push tradition out of all aspects of the american culture. i think democrats are at lisk of doing that once again. >> bill: okay. the problem is that if i were a secular progressive. >> yeah. and i was on that side i would put the pedal to the metal the party has to organize. old leadership is out, new leadership has to come back
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in. ratings for a lot of the conservative people are down. those people who back romney big time and said win the election people have fled and they are confused. so if i'm a secular progressive and, look, harry belafonte coming out and i don't know whether harry was kidding around or not. i mean, he wasn't smiling but maybe harry doesn't smile. >> is he a committed leftist. >> bill: but when he says hey, if you don't agree desire of the american people, you know, we have got a jail cell for you. you know, we're getting really now into a pretty interesting situation. >> it's like jeffrey immelt saying kind of praising china recently because they can make some good business decisions for themselves so the whole system might be somewhat add admirable. i think they are revealing what they in many ways really
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think. it wasn't too many years ago that we were talking about harry belafonte comments about condoleezza rice and even colin powell when he said they were living in the house of the master. he wasn't joking then. he may be overstated a little bit maybe for him. >> bill: is he emboldened. >> of course. >> bill: nobody cares about harry belafonte. >> that song is in my head ruining the christmas season banana boat. >> bill: sun goes down. i like that song. i used him not because he has credibility and that is he somebody that people listen to, but to give you an example of what is being said in the salons at the huffington post. these people are going, you know what? if you oppose president obama now and you oppose the secular progressive agenda we're going to deal with you. look, the attacks on me, look, i have a stack of news clips all over the country because how dare o'reilly, how dare he stand in our way and point
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these things out. we'll go after him any institution or media source that actually exposes what they really think or even questions them how dare you do that? kanye west to belafonte. christmas season. any of the people who might disagree on this then you are somehow illegitimate. i know what they are doing. i'm not even necessarily blaming them because that's who they are. they don't like, you know, social conservatives. they don't much like fiscal conservatives. they think they are scarier, frankly than al qaeda. >> bill: they don't like christian people who say this is what i believe and. >> social conservative christians. that's hateful. >> gay marriage issue to me that's not. >> motivate your every breath. >> bill: i don't think that's
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going to erode if the supreme court rules on the side it's going to erode the fabric of the country. i understand why some religious people and traditional americans say you know what? it's just -- it's not the same country. it's not what we were built on here. >> i don't think what's happening now is that those people are demonized. compassionate they might have a deepl religious belief or moral belief that conflicts with the popular culture. look, i don't blame them for being very heady and very excited about their political opportunities but i caution against what happened. >> if you are arrested in the middle of the night please call here first. >> i will. >> bill: me too. i'm going to call laura if i'm arrested. >> i will be there for you. i always will be. >> bill: like to you know that laura signed a new radio deal with our pal norm cadis who runs court side entertainment.
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he is my radio commentary so laura is in good hands. also like to you voten in n. our bill o' poll. we asked do you believe the factor christmas controversy coverage is accurate or overblown. we will give you the results on monday. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. feminists attacking taylor swift and katie perry. culture warriors have some thoughts. u.s. marine incarcerated in mexico for absolutely no reason at all. we're asking the mexican government to free him. we hope you stay tuned to those repepepepep
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight along with the rise of secularism in america militant feminism making a comeback. camille wrote an article in the hollywood reporter hashly criticizing katie perry and taylor swift calling them insipid. she thinks they should be quote powerful models of mature bombingliness unquote. here are two ladies who fight fit that description gretchen carlson and jeanine pirro. so why don't you define the point that ms. paggala are trying to make. >> she is saying there are successful women like katie perry and taylor swift in forbes magazine make more money than just about anyone in terms of their music. she is saying that they are insipid that their music is
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bland and that they are monotonous and at the end of the day they are too buttoned up. her concern is that they are not trashy and they don't reflect kind of a sense of real living. and she talks about black female performers as stronger and more defiant. she ignores the fact that people buy their records because they like music and she prefers women who apparently in her mind show more body, more bosom, more booty and, therefore, we are going backwards. >> bill: katie perry is not known -- did you see it. >> i saw amazingly angry female writing an article about other successful women who is she is probably jealous of. by the way beyonce, taylor swift to a certain degree katie perry are good role models. >> bill: she didn't criticize beyonce. >> no. >> bill: you would never dare do that. that would be so
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politically -- let's stay with the point. taylor swift 23 years old today. i think she is a good role model. i know the family a little bit. i think she tries to put forth. katie perry i don't know anything about her. but paglia who teaches in philadelphia at some arts college she wants the women to do what. what does she want. what's this bombingliness thing what. >> trashy during the day. reminiscent of the 19 autos when people were complacent and waited for the men to come home. >> bill: too hard to believe that she wants them to be dressed? did you take that away from the article? >> she man pleasing ways had to be peppy, cheerful and modest.
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>> here is part of it. who does she think is a good role model in the singing world? madonna. >> bill: madonna. >> who we just talked about a couple weeks ago as not being a role model. >> she stripped down. she is objecting to the clothing, bill. she does it over and over again. >> bill: i haven't been in this feminist thing. weren't feminist at one time angry about women being objectified? >> sexualized. >> bill: now she wants them to be? >> i guess. >> remember when we had discussions about the national organization of america would not let me in because i was a former miss america even though i went to stanford and oxford they probably wouldn't because i was in what they deem a pageant. >> bill: now they want younger women to be more flashy and objectified? i'm not getting any of. this i didn't get it either. i was very confused. >> modest and she doesn't want
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them to be the plan, cultivated. this is my christmaser go this -- premise there go this is my conclusion. >> bill: she wants publicity. she has been out of the limelight. she gets the hollywood reporter which is now some kind of left wing thing to run this piece people talk about it that's what she wants. it doesn't make any sense at all. >> it doesn't. >> bill: perry and swift put out records that people like. they haven't done anything offensive to me. i haven't seen anything that they have done. all they are doing is making an honest living and now she says they are not bombingliness. is there a word womaninglyness? >> yes. we will take it. >> the man did nothing wrong. megyn kelly on the case in just a few moments.
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight we have a lot to talk about beginning with the terrible ordeal of 27-year-old john hammer, he is he a former marine lance corporal in florida and now incarcerated from mexico. mexicans put him in prison after he registered antique gun with the u.s. border patrol. then he crossed into mexico.
1:41 am
apparently the mexican authorities saw the paperwork and immediately arrested corporal hammar on gun charges. that was four months ago and he is still in prison. senator bill nelson said this. >> bring this marine home, mexican government. and now that you have a new president just installed in mexico, the relations with the united states are especially important to treat the united states citizens who are peaceful in their intent, innocent in their observation of the mexican laws. >> bill: here now and attorney fox news anchor megyn kelly looking at the story. this is ridiculous, right? >> stottlely ridiculous. >> why don't they turn him away at the border. >> bill: all he had to do was that taking the antique gun to costa rica to go hunting. that wasn't smart on his part.
1:42 am
you go to mexico, don't do anything, don't take anything, don't drive there, just fly, in go to your resort hotel. and get the hell out. >> you really have to think don't bother going until mr. hammar gets out of prison. >> bill: i don't think anybody should go. >> this guy serves our country honorably. he had to goes into prost traumatic stress treatment. his buddies had gotten killed during service. he gets out of that and he goes just to have a surfing trip. >> bill: just to go down and have a little fun. >> not like he is trying to pull a fast one. registered with u.s. customs and thought mexicans say that's it. you are are going to immediately to jail. here is the irony about it what has our state department done? we have made a few phone calls. the parents are very upset that the u.s. consulate hasn't done more. typically the way this works our state department calls their state department and funnels down the line until they get to the state police and they say don't be ridiculous. this isn't one of those situations where somebody goes hiking over and accidently crosses into iran. this is mexico.
1:43 am
that's an ally of ours. we give them hundreds of millions of dollars a year, bill. why isn't it just a phone call. >> bill: let's be honest they disrespect us all the time mexico. number one, hillary clinton should be involved in this herself. we haven't seen any sign of that number two, president obama should be involved we haven't seen any sign of that number three, the new mexican president, there is no way that this guy shouldn't let this marine out tomorrow. christmas is coming up. we called the mexican embassy today. those people are totally chaotic. >> they are very busy. >> they don't know what the hell is going on. they don't care. so i think now we are going to have to squeeze. we will have to put pressure. >> here is the irony. let the viewers know. so we have this 1.9 billion-dollar assistance program that we help mexico with to fight their war on drugs, among other things. we have been sending down money for blackhawk helicopters and so on. recently our effort has shifted to more of a law and order assistance program. and we have had the former
1:44 am
director of colorado's penitentiary system has trained more than 5,000 mexican prison officials in recent years. mexican jury lists running mock trials with visiting measure judges what are they training for? to try our marine. it's ridiculous. going down there to revamp our law and order system and who are they going to use it against not their own cartel members but our military. >> bill: going to be on hannity after our program stick around. we will do a story on it tomorrow. mexican embassy, again we asked you all day long to comment. you are hiding. you can't continue to hide. hillary clinton, you know what? you have got to get involved. all right, ms. secretary? you have got to get involved. that's it. and if president obama has to get involved, he has to get involved. this is a marine corps patrol. this is an american four months for nothing. >> he didn't do anything wrong. >> bill: that's it. >> he is facing up to 12 years in prison. essentially. >> bill: is he going to get out soon. i have confidence the new president of mexico is going
1:45 am
to do the right thing. >> they are calling the parents from the jail and tried to extort thousands of dollars. >> bill: of course, that's what they do. >> had to move to solitary confinement. they say he has been chained to the bed. apparently we were able to stop that from happening. >> bill: enough is enough. senator bob menendez from new jersey apparently had an immigrant who was in the country, an intern in the country illegally, all right? >> right. >> bill: and a registered sex offender to boot. pick it up. >> well, then, that intern just got arrested. is he only a young kid. is he 18 years old. he got arrested. sex charge is against him? because it was sealed? >> juvy register as a sex offender. i'm confused about this case it happened here in the united states. and yet why was he still here? >> bill: because they don't deport people. you know. >> they illegal immigrant
1:46 am
register as sex offender and get a job in the senator's office. >> bill: tomorrow on the factor "boston globe" big investigation on illegal immigrants committing horrendous crimes and nothing happens to them we'll have that tomorrow. you shouldn't be surprised about this. have you seen this before. what about menendez. >> the allegation is the associated press claims one u.s. official familiar with the case who is telling the a.p. that ice snuffed out the guy, went to the department of homeland security and said this is going to be a high profile thing because is he going to be intern for senator. this official claims that homeland security told ice don't make the as until after the election. ice and homeland security are denying that categorically on the record. they claim no politics were involved in this. and they just made the arrest. menendez. >> bill: what does he say. >> menendez said i was shocked. i just found this out. his office is saying look we couldn't have known he was illegal immigrant because how would we have checked that? >> bill: when you are intern are you supposed to check the resumes and stuff and figure
1:47 am
out where he comes from? >> it's the federal government or like i know he was unpaid intern. >> write a check on him. write a little check and see where that is office on capitol hill right now. >> bill: keep your eye on this marine, right? >> his parents are going to be on "america live" too. >> bill: we are going to hold the president, secretary of state, and the president of mexico accountable for. this they can get him out tomorrow. bawrts world on watters world on deck. how much do the folks know about the intense debate in
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, watters worlds you a may know the pinheads in washington can't get a budget deal done. everybody's taxes might go up
1:51 am
january 1st and severe cuts to federal programs might kick in as well. the debate has been framed as a fiscal cliff but that's a cliche the real issue is fairly complicated mac he crow economics. we asked jesse watters to find out what the folks find out about it ♪ free falling. >> this fiscal cliff i keep hearing about, where is this cliff? >> i absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. >> congress. >> i have no idea. i don't know anything about politics. >> baltimore. i don't know. >> i think it's related to the apock clips. >> do you know what happens over f. we go over the cliff. >> yes our taxes go up. >> military starts losing money. >> you are fine with that. >> i'm fine with that we spend a lot of money on the military. >> define the fiscal cliff for me. >> imaginary cliff somewhere in my mind that we are all going to jump off of. >> you mean the end of the world type of thing? >> well, not really. [ laughter ]
1:52 am
♪ and i fall to pieces. >> president obama and house speaker john boehner represented create this fiscal cliff. if they don't get a long-term budget deal done by january 2nd, 2013, massive automatic spending cuts are triggered. now, do you know what the president's plan is to address this cliff? >> he says he wants to raise taxes on all the rich people. >> every time it comes on the radio, or the news, i turn it off. >> raise taxes on the rich, which i think will fund government for like a week. >> are you worried about your taxes going up. >> no. i actually hope the fiscal cliff happens. >> what? >> push it off the cliff. let's do it. >> do you know who john boehner is. >> no. >> he is a tan guy that cries a lot. >> he cries a lot. >> he cries a lot? >> yes, he does. >> poor thing. >> speaker of the house. >> do you know who john boehner is. >> my best friend. >> i have seen him we use the same tanning bed. >> the fiscal cliff? >> yes. >> are you afraid? >> i'm very worried, yes, indeed. >> i'm scared of heights though. >> are you nervous? >> i think you are making me
1:53 am
nervous. [ laughter ] ♪ feels like i'm falling for the first time. >> just a day before the painful spending cuts take place the bush tax cuts expire. that's why they call it the fiscal cliff. president obama wants to let those taxes go up on the so-called rich. generating $80 billion in revenue. that's just 8 days of federal spending. less than 1 percent of our 16 trillion-dollar debt. do you know how much debt america is in right now? >> like billions like $14 billion or something like that? do you know what our national debt is right now? >> no idea. >> i'm going to say 30 something trillion. >> whoa. >> we're at 16 trillion. you just doubled it. are you a factor fan by any chance? >> i love you. >> thank you. >> and i love him. but i'm too cheap for cable. >> how are you? i watch you almost every day. >> i don't agree with a lot of his commentary. >> really? what specifically? >> i have been out of the country for two years. i'm not a good person to act. >> let me guess you live in france. >> how did you know? >> oh, nailed it.
1:54 am
>> bill: so you are roaming around dc i always ask this question but it's interesting to me. you talk to, what, a couple of dozen people. >> about two dozen. so, what percentage of them had any clue at all what's at stake here? >> i say half of them clueless on the cliff. >> half of them no idea. >> it's boring. they are talking about trillions of dollars. they do this man who cried wolf all the time. they have these cliffs with the debt ceiling with the bush tax cuss. people are numb to this. they do this every christmas. they don't care. >> look, number one when you say 16 trillion-dollar debt it doesn't mean anything to anybody. >> you can't wrap your head around that. >> bill: make your car payment take your car away they know. number two, it's a pretty complicated situation. it's not just raising the taxes on wealthy and corporations. it's a lot of other stuff involved in it as well. but, out of the two dozen people, were there anybody --
1:55 am
was there one person who really had a handle on it? >> well, we ran into an actual person who works for a senator. and that was -- that made the package because, without her, no one would have known what's going on. >> bill: so one out of 24. >> one out of 20 nailed it. factor fan and said she loved me. >> bill: you can't have everything. jesse watters, everybody, there he is. is he going to hawaii. watters is going to hawaii because the president is vacationing there i'm sure the president is going to invite you. you will be out and wacky together. >> aloha. >> factor tip of the day historic occurrence in the book world that you should know about. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day. it is an amazing situation. take a look at the full-page ad in the new york times, celebrating the fact that
1:57 am
"killing kennedy" is the number-1 selling book. "killing lincoln," number 2, after 60 weeks in the marketplace. that has never happened before, as far as we know. the "killing ken de" audiobook. number 1. incredible. thank you all. now to the mail... >> distant make me slant story, there is no excuse for it. >> i want it hear the opposing points of view, bill. it's boring to just hear one side, which is why we maintain our number-1 status on the factor. we embrace both sides of the debate.
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